• Pattern Fit

Pattern Fit

Designs customized for your position

Finding the perfect fit is all about comfort and performance. Use the easy guide below to help you decide what's right for your hand and position.





In its most comfortable, relaxed state, this is how your hand should fit in your glove. Every hand is a little different, so take a minute to find the position that feels right for you.


Thumb to Index (or Middle) Finger

As an infielder, you care about agility and control to keep the baseball moving around the diamond. When you close your glove, your thumb should meet your index finger, or possibly your middle finger


Thumb to Middle Finger

When you're on the mound, you need comfort and simplicity to help you throw a great game every time you get the ball. Your best bet is to close your glove with your thumb and middle finger together


Thumb to Ring (or Little) Finger

As an outfielder, you want your glove to catch anything and everything you can track down out there, so be sure to close your glove with your thumb meeting either your ring finger or your little finger