• Company Profile

Company Profile

Our Vision:

To become the world leader in baseball sporting goods, trusted by players and coaches at every level.

Our Mission:

To provide high-quality products at affordable prices to baseball players at all levels worldwide.


Our Opinion

A new glove will always be a special purchase for a ballplayer, but the right glove carefully made from quality materials should look and feel great without costing a fortune.


About Our Gloves

We have built our gloves using the best quality material with a passion for maximizing comfort and optimizing performance, each pattern painstakingly designed to meet the unique needs of a player's position, age, and skill level.




We have a clear vision focus on our sporting goods business together with the wholesaler to make a good partnership resulting in mutual benefits. Right now we are establishing great opportunities to be a wholesaler for our products. Here are some basic regulations for our business wholesaler system.



As a Buckler wholesaler, you have the option of working with us in one these three

1. Resale

You buy our product directly from us and then sell it to your customer. ( The lowest price is available to you choose this structure )


2.  Commission Based

You market and sell our product, but your customer pays us. Then, we send the product to your customer and your commission to you.


3. Credit Account-Based

To establish this payment option, the wholesaler will need to provide a Payment Guarantee with any mortgage or make a Payment Insurance under the name of Buckler Sports Corp, with the amount determined by the price of expected business volume.



Other than offering wholesaler opportunities and do a direct sale, Buckler Sports also open for OEM order. Any private label that is interested in making their own ball glove line, we have a manufacturing company located in Indonesia and with their last experience, we are confident that we can provide baseball glove with the best quality.



We're currently looking for Buckler wholesaler in the following U.S regions :

  • West: Washington, Oregon, Around LA
  • Midwest: Indiana
  • Northeast: New York, Pennsylvania
  • Southeast: Florida, Kentucky, Georgia
  • Southwest: Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma


Each of the areas will have a sole/main wholesaler which will have their share of distribution mainly from the specialized baseball glove shops on their coverage area, handle Custom Glove order and added with their own online web sales order if they have their own website.



We operate a fully staffed customer service center in Los Angeles, so you can rest assured that your customers will have easy access to all the information they need to take great care of the Buckler products you sell them. and others you can contact us at globalsourcing@bucklersports.com for more business.